Things to expect on a free annual credit report

You may think you know all about a free annual credit report but the truth is that you may not really know it and think that it is just a credit score or something like it. Well, though they are related, they are actually different things. You see, credit reports are compiled by the major agencies. If you have any credit in your past, then you would have these reports called credit files. Here are some of the facts you need to know about credit reports.

No judgement

The truth is that the agencies that reports on your credit will not judge your credit score. They just report it, the lender that you will submit the report to is the one who will deem your report to be good or bad depending on what their requirements are. Learn about credit cards for bad credit on

Ever changing 

Just like most things, your report changes from time to time especially when you acquire a new debt or the like. It is something that is very important to be on time and of the current date so checking it out every now and then is a definite must do.

One report

Every year, you are actually entitled to a free annual credit report but only once. You can get additional copies for free depending on the circumstance that you are in but normally just one. This is the reason why you must be very critical and vigilant in checking for mistakes.


As a consumer, you are allowed, legally, to dispute any claims and mistakes that you think is wrong about your report. You can file one to the creditor and get a respond within a month though it may vary depending on your case. You should just contact them every now and then to check out the status of your dispute all in all.

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