Did you know that fire sprinklers were actually invented in United Kingdom? It was invented in 1864 and it was further developed to become automatic in United States of America. Now that we live in a modern world, many establishments, businesses, and residential areas are using fire sprinkler systems for safety and protection. If you are interested to have fire sprinklers installed but want to know more about it, read this article till the end and you will definitely gain knowledge.

How it works

Fire sprinklers Kent systems are designed to give safety and protection not only to people but also to your properties. It uses a network of pipes connected to the sprinkler and once fire is detected, sufficient amount of water will be discharged. Once a specific high temperature is reached, water will be sprinkled automatically. It can be installed in ceilings, enclosed roof spaces, and sometimes in floor ducts.

Different types of fire sprinklers

The most common type of fire sprinkler system is the wet pipe fire sprinkler system. With this type, water is stored directly in the pipes and water is released automatically once fire is detected. There is no lag time in this type and that is its advantage from other types. Another type is the dry pipe fire sprinkler system. This type is commonly used in buildings where water can freeze. With this type, water is not stored in pipes. The pipes are filled with nitrogen gas or pressurized air. There is a slight delay with this type if fire is detected. The type where the sprinkler heads are kept open is called deluge fire sprinkler system. It is operated by a fire alarm. Once the alarm is activated, the valve will open and will release water. You need to manually turn off the valve once fire is out.

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