Maxi Cab: Getting the Convenience of Your Own Ride on Family Tour Trips Outside from Home


Maxi Cabs are owner-operated private mini-buses found all over the world in different sizes and shapes. It is a means of transport for groups along a specific route. Fares are fixed from the starting point to the final destination. They however do not operate based on timetable. Normally they wait to complete the number of passengers before starting on a trip.

Can Maxi Cabs be chartered for a family trip?

These maxi cabs are best for chartering families on trips particularly those on vacation where their own cars are not available for them to use. It is a good set-up since it can accommodate comfortably 13 persons and you can include the driver if you do not want to drive the bus on your own. You can roam around to different tourist spots while the driver and the cab wait for you to go to another destination. In these cases, it is limited to a certain time like for a 24 hour use.The thing that makes a singapore maxi taxi more advantageous is the fact that the drivers are already skilled in maneuvering routes unlike if you drive the cab on your own.

How are maxi cabs booked?

Depending on the location, but normally booking can be done in advance. But in each country they may have different booking procedures or requirements. Take for example in Singapore, some companies offer no advance fees for bookings and reservations. In other areas though, like in Thailand and Philippines they require advance payment or reservation fees. But there are maxi buses allows people to ride individually particularly from the airport to a certain point in the city.


Maxi cabs are there to add convenience to trips, so make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company who will provide the cab on the requested time and will not cause delays and cancellation of your schedule programs.


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